Overview and Services

Computer control systems have complicated the auto repair business over the past 20 years. To repair cars today, general shop equipment is not all you need to diagnose and repair every car that comes through your door. Aftermarket scan tools such as handhelds and PC based interfaces still do not give you complete repair, programming, and diagnosis information. Factory level scan tools give you the most complete information for repairs. Unfortunately, the costs of purchasing 10 separate factory scan tools and maintaining the subscriptions for each is not a plausible shop equipment expense for most repair facilities.

SRS reset

Reset airbag system after systems have been replaced, repaired, or unplugged

Setup new SRS module

Programming new SRS module using manufacturuers programming service.

SRS diagnosis

Diagnose SRS system failure and or deployed items using factory scan tool.

Check engine light diagnosis

Diagnose engine control system failure using factory scan tool to determine a comprehensive diagnosis.


Update any on board computer system using factory scan tool and manufacturer’s programming service to upload the latest calibrations to the vehicle.

Setup control module

Setup a replacement control module using factory scan tool and manufacturer's programming service to upload the latest calibrations to the vehicle.

Programming and Initialization

Programming and or initialization of body and comfort systems such as window programming, blind spot, parking distance systems, and other miscellaneous items.

TPMS diagnosis and programming

Diagnosis and programming of vehicle tire pressure monitoring systems.

A/C system diagnosis and recharging

Air conditioning system diagnosis and or system recharging.

Trouble code analysis

Analyze trouble codes within our multiple service information systems to determine proper repair strategy

Electrical Diagnosis

Diagnose an electrical defect such as a broken wire or a control module defect.